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The Changing Face of Construction: Venesky-Brown Proudly Supports Equal Opportunities Employment With Women Into Construction

Edinburgh-based construction project solutions company Venesky-Brown are now members of Women Into Construction, an independent non-profit organisation which promotes gender equality in the construction industry.

The membership-only organisation is supported by industry, local councils and training companies. Aiming to change the face of construction in the long-term, Women Into Construction focuses on three key areas: providing bespoke support to women in or getting into the construction industry, reducing skills gaps, and assisting contractors to recruit women to create a more gender-equal workforce.

Women in construction have long faced difficulties in the industry, but Venesky-Brown is committed to making this a thing of the past. In keeping with the 2010 Equality Act and the 2012 Social Value Act, Venesky-Brown’s partnership with Women In Construction is just one step in the process: aiming to diversify its workforce, Venesky-Brown confidently welcomes the best in the industry to join its projects, and believes strongly that equal opportunities are the best way to do this.

Working closely with contractors, Women Into Construction ensures that their construction trainees are highly skilled, competitive and prepared for construction sites with training programmes like First Aid at Work, Working at Heights, and Construction Site Safety Plus, in addition to work placement programmes, interview skills workshops and CV support. Since the organisation’s inception in 2008, Women Into Construction has supported over 2,000 women in their construction careers, provided training for 1,300 women, and helped more than 600 women into long-term paid employment in the construction industry.

As members of Women Into Construction, Venesky-Brown now has access to a comprehensive network of highly motivated, qualified and experienced women seeking employment, and provides the company first-choice and greater opportunity to employ more women in its various national construction projects. Employing only the best in the industry, Venesky-Brown is excited to welcome on board recruits from Women Into Construction, giving their project solutions and partnerships the best opportunities for success.


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